Dec 28 2016

Trying To Work

So it seems that in order to be a graphic artist and web designer, you need to have something better than an 11″ laptop with no CD-ROM drive! lol So my two youngest have agreed to buy me a new laptop I can actually work on as a late Christmas gift. Way cool! Only bummer is I must wait and continue to make this little thing work until end of Jan. Oh well, at least there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. 🙂

So as soon as I have a new laptop that I do not have to fight to get my software to work. I will be able to start creating graphics again, yeah. 🙂 I cannot help myself, I miss creating graphics. So while I wait, maybe I will blog about stuff that requires no graphics other than pictures I take with my camera. Oh wait, cannot do anything with my pictures until I can use a graphics program. lol I really depend on that program! :O

Okay, so maybe some recipes and pictures can be added later. Or I can grab some new Youtube videos for the music page. I will think up something and see ya tomorrow. 🙂

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