Mar 08 2017

Trees Around House

These are the trees out front and to the side of the house going to the back yard. My concern is the fire people not marking the house as “save” if a forest fire were to break out. I know insurance will still pay, but they will not pay the heartache it will cause to loose all and start over. People are already saying it is going to be a bad fire year! 🙁 We have been doing a great deal of mitigation. All the neighbors did their lands the last 2 years. Was nice because they shared their wood with us. Anyway. We are doing as much as we can to keep all pine cones and needles up from with the 30 foot range of house. We also have been taking out the sucker trees that are close to the big trees and tacking their nutrients. Limbing, (sp?), up to 10 feet up and taking off all dead branches.

As much as none of us want to see trees go, no matter what happens here, they will have to be taken down to insure the house once you no longer own it and it may need done before a closing can take place. All things I question and will be looking into. I know, I think too much! 🙂 Just trying to think wise and at same time, preserve all we can, yet be in the realms of what fire people and insurance people want to see done.

So, the trees are below and I will make notes to where they are and how close to house, as well as each other.


There is a total of 4 trees close together here. One is in front and very scraggly, one off to the right that you only see the top of and two on side going towards back of house. None are very healthy I think because they are robbing each other of their nutrients and fighting to live, but the big one in center is the healthiest of the 4. They all are withing 10 feet of the house, as well as each other.

This is one of the 4 trees above. This is the one in back at the corner of the house.

Here is better image of them from the front. The one on left has those worms in it. 🙁 You can see how all the branches are see through.

The two trees out front to each side of the walkway. Sadly both are Ponderosa’s with mistletoe. 🙁 The one on the right has few branches that are viable any more, the one on left is better, but still having issues. I honestly think these 2 trees are suffering from the house being so close to them, as well as they are too close to each other. That tree in front of the window is special to me. Our little dog is buried under it and that is where tons of humming birds feed every Summer. Oh, and a silly woodpecker drinks from the hummers feeder! lol This tree really breaks my heart.

Here you see the tree on the right of the walkway. Poor thing is in pretty bad shape. Mistletoe is not so bad yet, but you can see it is nutrient deprived. Most of the foliage you see midway up, is actually that huge tree out back.

As far as the next lot. It is sounding like we can do all paperwork and stuff without you having to actually be here to do it all. Still looking into all that and will get you some lawyer numbers as soon as I know more. 🙂 Blessings! Carmella and Family

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