Jan 24 2017

Time To start Valentine’s Gifts

So, my favorite thing to wire wrap is the treble clef. Why a treble clef you may ask? Well just look at the treble. It is elegant, graceful and screams, MUSIC, which I absolutely LOVE!!! So, yes, treble clefs are my favorite. 🙂 For Valentine’s Day, I am going to try making hearts, from a treble clef and bass clef, small enough for earrings! I have made them for necklaces and they are really cool, but have not tried doing small ones for earrings yet, but getting ready to right now!

So wish me luck everyone. Will post a pic as soon as I get one created. Or I will tell of my failure. lol

Sadly, my arthritis is so bad, I was unable to make these so tiny. 🙁

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