May 17 2017

Sun Catchers

Fire Opal Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher

Fire Opal Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher

These are so beautiful and believe me when I say, the pics do NOT do justice! The sun bounces are these so beautifully! Each is hand made. I have rainbow, or orange. The orange is actually called Fire Opal, so you can just imagine what it looks like in the sun! I will have some new designs also and will post pics when those are ready. Since each is handmade, there will be differences, but the pics show pretty much what you will get, there may just be slight variations. Sun catchers are $15.00 each, plus shipping. Below I explain how they are made and how your purchase will help me with my cotton candy business.

I hammer copper wire, wrapped with various crystals from Swarovski Crystals, to colorful glass beads. I then wrap them in copper wire onto the hammered copper, then add top and bottom jewels to catch more light.

All the money I make is to raise what is needed to buy a small food trailer and truck to pull it so that I can continue to work my cotton candy business. I have many physical issues that are making working with a canopy and walls and toting all my supplies in and out 4 times for each show, is wearing on my issues really hard. I need a trailer, but not a trailer that is equipped with stove, fridge, all that, just one that I can store all my supplies in and end the 4 times each show moving it all and one that I can spin cotton candy in. I found such trailer in COS and hoping to sell many sun catchers to secure it this Saturday, 05/20/2017.

So, if you want a cool gift and to help me get that trailer and a truck, maybe consider a sun catcher?  I only need to sell 220 sun catchers to buy the trailer! Then another 150 or so for a decent truck. So I need to sell at least 370 sun catchers. Who is willing to help me do it?

Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher

Fire Opal Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher

Another Fire Opal Swarovski Crystals design

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