May 03 2016

Singing In The Choir

Singing In The Choir is a great joy and so much fun, but what about singing in the choir that backs up a famous singer? Cool huh? Well guess who gets to sing in the choir for Sandi Patty’s concert in Denver on May 27, 2016? ME!!! Can you believe it? I am so excited and cannot wait!

Besides Sandi Patty, Veritas will be performing and yes, there will be a couple of song that the choir will sing along with them as well! If you have not heard of Veritas, enjoy the follow video. It is absolutely awesome!!! Below them, is a Sandi Patty video. 🙂

How Great Thou Art, this is my absolute favorite song that Sandi Patty sings! I sang this for Sunday service back in 2005 and it was so awesome. Hubby does not like me singing it though because he is horrified I will destroy my vocal chords!!! It is a hard one to sing, but let me tell you, I felt God so strong through this song. Powerful, very powerful!

Till next time, be Blessed! : )

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