Mar 03 2017

Sandi Patty and Veritas

Sandi Patty and Family with Veritas

Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 1, 2017, was an awesome night of music and praise and worship with Sandi Patty and her family and Veritas. What a Blessing and a joy to once again be a part of the choir for Sandi. Since things that happened 2.5 years ago, I have not been a part of any music. So to be a part of Sandi Patty’s choir twice in the last 9 months, well that is a huge Blessing!

Sandi Patty and Family with Veritas

Finally have a pic of me with all 5 Veritas. 🙂

Gift I created for Sandi, from the choir.

Gift I made for Sandi from Dichroic glass.

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