Apr 08 2016

Music and Singing

Music and Singing

music and singing

Dan playing his Seagull guitar

Music and Singing has to be my all time favorite hobby! I am so into music that I often start to sing when I hear a word or phase that reminds me of a song.

Speaking of singing a song, the following video is from Christmas 2013. I had never heard this song before and got to practice for all of 10 minutes before singing it live! I am the lead singer too, lol. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments below. BTW, it was recorded with a little home video camera.

As time permits I plan to make more videos with my family and friends and post them. My youngest daughter and I are working on puppets for puppet shows. That should be a lot of fun and I will post those videos here as they are created. I will also post some of my favorite artist videos. And of course some really cool deals I find on musical items.

Recently I bought a new music program that I want to share with you all. Wholetones is just awesome! It is not just any music, it is healing music created to help you sleep, with health issues and to just make you feel good overall.

I have not listened to all the songs in the program as of yet, but plan to finish they and post a review of each song and what my thoughts were on them and how they made me feel and if they are helping me in the area the particular song is for.

Be sure to at least check out the music at Wholetones. They have samples of each song for you to listen to before you buy the program!

Till next time, have a Blessed day!

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