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Photography has been a love of mine since I was a young child. I remember living in California and taking roll, after roll, after roll, of pictures with the 110 camera that my dad had bought for me. After many years of wanting to be in a place with great photo opps, our family moved to the AWESOME state of Colorado two years ago. Since then my husband and I have taken well over 20,000 pictures of deer, humming birds, bears, other various wildlife, clouds, and Pikes Peak, (tons of clouds and Pikes Peak!)

With so many photos just sitting around, we decided it was time to give them their own website where folks can order them in various sizes, including posters, and zig saw puzzles! Photographic Designs Inspired By God, was started by Dan and I, out of our love for nature, wildlife, scenery, and the joy of photographing all that we see in God’s beautiful world. Dan and I are not the only photographers in the family either, we have a 33 year old son, a 30 year old daughter, and an 18 year old daughter, who all love having a camera in their hands, and taking pictures. We also have 5 other children, and 5 granddaughters. They have little interest in photography, but that’s okay.

I’ve always dreamed of one day designing my own greeting cards, and posters with inspirational sayings, and Bible verses on them. After many years of dreaming, my dream is now coming true, and that is so cool!

I’m still working on Photographic Designs Inspired By God, but please stop by soon, and see what I have gotten up. It is not very much, but it will grow fat as I have time to get all my pictures ready to upload to the site.


Carmella Mae Photographic Designs Inspired By God


Jan 23 2017

Singing In The Choir Again

So if singing with Sandi Patty in the choir once was not excitement for a lifetime. I get to do it AGAIN!!! :O This time closer to home, in Colorado Springs, instead of Denver. Still a drive, but not a Denver drive. I am beyond cloud 9 at this point. To think I get to …

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Apr 14 2016

Nature Photography

nature photography

Nature Photography Nature Photography along with wildlife, is my favorite form of photography! I see nature as God’s wonderful gift to us all. Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are, clouds, stream, waterfalls, mountains, anything that has snow on it, lol. I enjoy doing closeups, especially of insects and birds. You will find a …

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