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Art and Music

Art and Music is something I have always loved since a child. From drawing to singing, to photography , to writing, jewelry, and ceramic clay, I love to create art. Below is a sample of some of mine and hubby's art, and links to view more on other sites. Enjoy! 

  • Drama Theater and the arts, dramas, plays, and musicals, my writings on theater work I've done.

  • My music page, where I can talk all I want to about singing and music.

Aug 15 2017

Where has the time gone


Where has the time gone? I have been so busy with my cotton candy business, I have let my other endeavors sit and not put the time into them as I need to. With Summer coming to an end, I need to change that. So here is a starter post. lol Come back tomorrow and …

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May 17 2017

Sun Catchers

Fire Opal Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher

These are so beautiful and believe me when I say, the pics do NOT do justice! The sun bounces are these so beautifully! Each is hand made. I have rainbow, or orange. The orange is actually called Fire Opal, so you can just imagine what it looks like in the sun! I will have some …

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Apr 12 2017

How We Love – Sandi Patty

The video below is the very last song, (How We Love), really got to me in a big way, because of all I have been through the past 2 and a half years because of things within the place I loved more than any other place, my church. Although I cried through most of the …

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