Mar 24 2016



about Carmella Mae Dunkin

About me – I was born Carmella Mae Johannpeter, on November 5th, 1962, at 2:03 a.m. in Granite City Illinois. Granite City is just outside of St. Louis Missouri. My parents were Theodore Joseph Johannpeter and Betty Jean (Richardson) Johannpeter.

I am a singer, freelance writer, crafter of all sorts of stuff, card maker, and photographer, as well as web and graphic designer, and affiliate marketer! And, cotton candy creator. : ) Visit our cotton candy page at Edible Cottons!

I am a Christian and besides loving to write, take pictures of literally everything, design web sites, and graphics, and jewelry, I also love to sing Christian music, and work in the Theatre.

Ever since I can remember I have loved to sing. I memorized every song I heard on the radio, as well as all my dad’s records. Franki Valli was my favorite singer, and I could be found with my hair brush, singing into it like a mic, to Frankie Valli’s, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. I love singing so much, I even turn others words into songs that pop into my head because of something said. I ended up in the play Godspell this way. My Pastor said “Day by Day” a number of times during a sermon, then I read in the local paper that Godspell auditions were at the theatre. I went and auditioned, got a part, and actually had “Day by Day” for my solo piece!

I also love to take pictures of EVERYTHING in sight, as well as act, craft, and do art of all sorts. Recently I have gotten into scrap booking type crafts. Not actually scrap booking, but using the cutter and dies to create cool cards and bookmarks that I laminate. In time I plan to put some of my craft in an area on the site.

My husband and I are on a rent to own with our home, and I am hoping that my site will be a way to help us buy our home, as well as regroup from a great deal of physical health issues, which took a lot from our family, physically, mentally, and especially financially. So trying affiliate marketing to see how that works out. I will still be singing, photographing and crafting too of course.

This site looks at some of the things I love in life, God, my family, singing and Music, drama, arts and crafts, especially gourds and jewelry, gluten free living, and so very much more. I am revamping the entire site, and invite you to join me as I take my place to a whole new level.

Now that you know a bit about me, join me as I share with you, all that I love!

As with just about any freelance writer, photographer, artist, crafter, etc, I am for hire. 🙂

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